Iowa Code - 2024

Chapter 17A - IOWA ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURE ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§17A.1 - Citation and statement of purpose. PDF RTF
§17A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§17A.3 - Public information — adoption of rules — availability of rules and orders. PDF RTF
§17A.4 - Procedure for adoption of rules. PDF RTF
§17A.4A - Regulatory analysis. PDF RTF
§17A.4B - Jobs impact statement. PDF RTF
§17A.5 - Filing and taking effect of rules. PDF RTF
§17A.6 - Publications — procedures for standards adopted by reference. PDF RTF
§17A.6A - Rulemaking internet site. PDF RTF
§17A.6B - Agency fees internet site — notice. PDF RTF
§17A.6C - Agency fees — rules. PDF RTF
§17A.7 - Petition for adoption, amendment, or repeal of rules — periodic comprehensive reviews. PDF RTF
§17A.8 - Administrative rules review committee. PDF RTF
§17A.9 - Declaratory orders. PDF RTF
§17A.9A - Waivers. PDF RTF
§17A.10 - Informal settlements — waiver. PDF RTF
§17A.10A - Contested cases — no factual dispute. PDF RTF
§17A.11 - Presiding officer, disqualification, substitution. PDF RTF
§17A.12 - Contested cases — notice — hearing — records. PDF RTF
§17A.13 - Subpoenas — discovery. PDF RTF
§17A.14 - Rules of evidence — official notice. PDF RTF
§17A.15 - Final decisions — proposed decisions — conclusiveness — review by the agency. PDF RTF
§17A.16 - Decisions and orders — rehearing. PDF RTF
§17A.17 - Ex parte communications and separation of functions. PDF RTF
§17A.18 - Licenses. PDF RTF
§17A.18A - Emergency adjudicative proceedings. PDF RTF
§17A.19 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§17A.20 - Appeals. PDF RTF
§17A.21 - Inconsistency with federal law. PDF RTF
§17A.22 - Agency authority to implement chapter. PDF RTF
§17A.23 - Construction — delegation of authority. PDF RTF
§17A.24 PDF RTF
§17A.25 PDF RTF
§17A.26 PDF RTF
§17A.27 PDF RTF
§17A.28 PDF RTF
§17A.29 PDF RTF
§17A.30 PDF RTF
§17A.31 PDF RTF
§17A.32 PDF RTF
§17A.33 - Review by administrative rules review committee — priority. PDF RTF
§17A.34 - Competition with private enterprise — notice for proposed rules. PDF RTF