Iowa Code - 2022

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Chapter 166D - PSEUDORABIES CONTROL PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§166D.1 - Purpose — rules. PDF RTF
§166D.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§166D.3 - State pseudorabies advisory committee. PDF RTF
§166D.3A - Departmental determination of pseudorabies prevalence. PDF RTF
§166D.4 PDF RTF
§166D.5 PDF RTF
§166D.6 - Reporting of test results. PDF RTF
§166D.7 - Noninfected herds. PDF RTF
§166D.8 - Infected herds. PDF RTF
§166D.9 - Quarantined herds. PDF RTF
§166D.10 - Movement of swine. PDF RTF
§166D.10A - Restricted movement — requirements. PDF RTF
§166D.10B - Approved premises. PDF RTF
§166D.11 - Vaccination and testing requirements. PDF RTF
§166D.12 - Concentration points. PDF RTF
§166D.13 - Exhibition of swine. PDF RTF
§166D.14 - Pseudorabies immunization products. PDF RTF
§166D.15 - Tracing pseudorabies to source or destination herds. PDF RTF
§166D.16 - Enforcement — penalty — certificates. PDF RTF