Iowa Code - 2014

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Chapter 161A - SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§161A.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§161A.2 - Declaration of policy. PDF RTF
§161A.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§161A.4 - Soil conservation division — committee. PDF RTF
§161A.5 - Soil and water conservation districts. PDF RTF
§161A.6 - Commissioners — general provisions. PDF RTF
§161A.7 - Powers of districts and commissioners. PDF RTF
§161A.8 - Cooperation between districts. PDF RTF
§161A.9 - State agencies to cooperate. PDF RTF
§161A.10 - Discontinuance of districts. PDF RTF
§161A.11 - Report to governor. PDF RTF
§161A.12 - Statement to department of management. PDF RTF
§161A.13 - Purpose of subdistricts. PDF RTF
§161A.14 - Petition to form. PDF RTF
§161A.15 - Notice and hearing. PDF RTF
§161A.16 - Publication of notice. PDF RTF
§161A.17 - Subdistrict in more than one district. PDF RTF
§161A.18 - Certification. PDF RTF
§161A.19 - Governing body. PDF RTF
§161A.20 - Special annual tax. PDF RTF
§161A.21 - Condemnation by subdistrict. PDF RTF
§161A.22 - General powers applicable — warrants or bonds. PDF RTF
§161A.23 - Agreement by fifty percent of landowners. PDF RTF
§161A.24 - Assessment for improvements. PDF RTF
§161A.25 - Report of appraisers. PDF RTF
§161A.26 - Hearing. PDF RTF
§161A.27 - Determination by board. PDF RTF
§161A.28 - Appeal. PDF RTF
§161A.29 - Intercounty subdistricts. PDF RTF
§161A.30 - Notice of appeal. PDF RTF
§161A.31 - Petition filed. PDF RTF
§161A.32 - Assessment certified. PDF RTF
§161A.33 - Assessments transmitted. PDF RTF
§161A.34 - Payment to county treasurer. PDF RTF
§161A.35 - Installments. PDF RTF
§161A.36 - Option by appellant. PDF RTF
§161A.37 - Status of classification. PDF RTF
§161A.38 - New classification. PDF RTF
§161A.39 - Benefit of whole subdistrict. PDF RTF
§161A.40 - Compensation of appraisers. PDF RTF
§161A.41 - Election of taxing methods. PDF RTF
§161A.42 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§161A.43 - Duty of property owners — liability. PDF RTF
§161A.44 - Rules by commissioners — scope. PDF RTF
§161A.45 - Submission of regulations to committee — hearing. PDF RTF
§161A.46 - Conduct of hearing. PDF RTF
§161A.47 - Inspection of land on complaint. PDF RTF
§161A.48 - Mandatory establishment of soil and water conservation practices. PDF RTF
§161A.49 - Petition for court order. PDF RTF
§161A.50 - Burden — court order. PDF RTF
§161A.51 - Entering on land. PDF RTF
§161A.52 PDF RTF
§161A.53 - Cooperation with other agencies. PDF RTF
§161A.54 - State agency conservation plans — exemptions. PDF RTF
§161A.55 PDF RTF
§161A.56 PDF RTF
§161A.57 PDF RTF
§161A.58 PDF RTF
§161A.59 PDF RTF
§161A.60 PDF RTF
§161A.61 - Discretionary inspection by commissioners — actions upon certain findings. PDF RTF
§161A.62 - Duties of commissioners and of owners and occupants of agricultural land — restrictions on use of cost-sharing funds. PDF RTF
§161A.63 - Right of purchaser of agricultural land to obtain information. PDF RTF
§161A.64 - Erosion control plans required for certain projects. PDF RTF
§161A.65 PDF RTF
§161A.66 - Procedure when commissioner is complainant. PDF RTF
§161A.67 PDF RTF
§161A.68 PDF RTF
§161A.69 PDF RTF
§161A.70 - Establishment and purpose. PDF RTF
§161A.71 - Conservation practices revolving loan fund. PDF RTF
§161A.72 - Administration. PDF RTF
§161A.73 - Voluntary establishment of soil and water conservation practices. PDF RTF
§161A.74 - Mandatory establishment of soil and water conservation practices — allocations. PDF RTF
§161A.75 - Use of moneys for emergency repairs. PDF RTF
§161A.76 - Cost sharing for certain lands restricted. PDF RTF
§161A.77 PDF RTF
§161A.78 PDF RTF
§161A.79 PDF RTF
§161A.80 - Blufflands protection program and revolving fund. PDF RTF