Iowa Code - 2023

Title IV - PUBLIC HEALTH | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 155A - PHARMACY PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§155A.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§155A.2 - Legislative declaration — purpose — exceptions. PDF RTF
§155A.2A - Board of pharmacy — alternate members. PDF RTF
§155A.3 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§155A.4 - Prohibition against unlicensed persons dispensing or distributing prescription drugs — exceptions. PDF RTF
§155A.5 - Injunction. PDF RTF
§155A.6 - Pharmacist internship program. PDF RTF
§155A.6A - Pharmacy technician registration. PDF RTF
§155A.6B - Pharmacy support person registration. PDF RTF
§155A.7 - Pharmacist license. PDF RTF
§155A.8 - Requirements for pharmacist license. PDF RTF
§155A.9 - Approved colleges — graduates of foreign colleges. PDF RTF
§155A.10 - Display of pharmacist license. PDF RTF
§155A.11 - Renewal of pharmacist license. PDF RTF
§155A.12 - Pharmacist license — grounds for discipline. PDF RTF
§155A.13 - Pharmacy license. PDF RTF
§155A.13A - Nonresident pharmacy license — required, renewal, discipline. PDF RTF
§155A.13B - Pharmacy internet sites. PDF RTF
§155A.13C - Outsourcing facility license — renewal, cancellation, denial, discipline. PDF RTF
§155A.14 - Renewal of pharmacy license. PDF RTF
§155A.15 - Pharmacies — license required — discipline, violations, and penalties. PDF RTF
§155A.16 - Procedure. PDF RTF
§155A.17 - Wholesale distributor license. PDF RTF
§155A.17A - Third-party logistics provider license. PDF RTF
§155A.18 - Penalties. PDF RTF
§155A.19 - Notifications to board. PDF RTF
§155A.20 - Unlawful use of terms and titles — impersonation. PDF RTF
§155A.21 - Unlawful possession of prescription drug or device — penalty. PDF RTF
§155A.22 - General penalty. PDF RTF
§155A.23 - Prohibited acts. PDF RTF
§155A.24 - Penalties. PDF RTF
§155A.25 - Burden of proof. PDF RTF
§155A.26 - Enforcement — agents as peace officers. PDF RTF
§155A.27 - Requirements for prescription. PDF RTF
§155A.28 - Label of prescription drugs — interchangeable biological product list. PDF RTF
§155A.29 - Prescription refills. PDF RTF
§155A.30 - Out-of-state prescription orders. PDF RTF
§155A.31 - Reference library. PDF RTF
§155A.32 - Drug product selection — restrictions. PDF RTF
§155A.33 - Delegation of functions. PDF RTF
§155A.33A - Technician product verification programs. PDF RTF
§155A.33B - Registered nurses — vaccinations and immunizations. PDF RTF
§155A.34 - Transfer of prescriptions. PDF RTF
§155A.35 - Patient medication records. PDF RTF
§155A.36 - Medication delivery systems. PDF RTF
§155A.37 - Code of professional responsibility for board employees. PDF RTF
§155A.38 - Dispensing drug samples. PDF RTF
§155A.39 - Program to monitor impaired pharmacists, pharmacist-interns, or pharmacy technicians — immunity and funding. PDF RTF
§155A.40 - Criminal history record checks. PDF RTF
§155A.41 - Continuous quality improvement program. PDF RTF
§155A.42 - Limited distributor license. PDF RTF
§155A.43 - Pharmaceutical collection and disposal program — annual allocation. PDF RTF
§155A.44 - Vaccine and immunization administration. PDF RTF
§155A.45 - Reports — disclosure. PDF RTF
§155A.46 - Statewide protocols. PDF RTF
§155A.47 - Pilot or demonstration research projects. PDF RTF
§155A.48 - Collaborative pharmacy practice — agreements — payment. PDF RTF