Iowa Code - 2023

Title IV - PUBLIC HEALTH | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 148C - PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§148C.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§148C.2 - Approved programs. PDF RTF
§148C.3 - Licensure. PDF RTF
§148C.4 - Services performed by physician assistants. PDF RTF
§148C.5 - Supervising physicians — board of medicine — rulemaking requirements. PDF RTF
§148C.5A - Initiating disciplinary proceedings — advice from board of medical examiners. PDF RTF
§148C.6 PDF RTF
§148C.6A PDF RTF
§148C.7 PDF RTF
§148C.8 - Right to delegate. PDF RTF
§148C.9 - Eye examination restricted. PDF RTF
§148C.10 - Applicability of other provisions of law. PDF RTF
§148C.11 - Prohibition — crime. PDF RTF
§148C.12 - Annual report. PDF RTF
§148C.13 - Investigators for physician assistants. PDF RTF