Iowa Code - 2021

Title IV - PUBLIC HEALTH | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 145A - AREA HOSPITALS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§145A.1 - Consolidation for purpose. PDF RTF
§145A.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§145A.3 - Official planning — maximum levy. PDF RTF
§145A.4 - Plans. PDF RTF
§145A.5 - Order of approval. PDF RTF
§145A.6 - Petition of protest. PDF RTF
§145A.7 - Special election. PDF RTF
§145A.8 - Effect on other subdivisions. PDF RTF
§145A.9 - Continuance or abandonment. PDF RTF
§145A.10 - Board of hospital trustees. PDF RTF
§145A.11 - Terms of members. PDF RTF
§145A.12 - Operation and management. PDF RTF
§145A.13 - Political status. PDF RTF
§145A.14 - Budget for operation. PDF RTF
§145A.15 - Treasurer of hospital. PDF RTF
§145A.16 - Funds to aid hospital. PDF RTF
§145A.17 - Indebtedness and bonds. PDF RTF
§145A.18 - Taxes. PDF RTF
§145A.19 - Special tax. PDF RTF
§145A.20 - Revenue bonds. PDF RTF
§145A.21 - Amendment of plan of merger — procedures — qualifications. PDF RTF
§145A.22 - Actions subject to contest of elections — filing actions — limitation. PDF RTF