Iowa Code - 2023

Title IV - PUBLIC HEALTH | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 142C - REVISED UNIFORM ANATOMICAL GIFT ACT PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§142C.1 - Short title. PDF RTF
§142C.2 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§142C.3 - Persons who may make — manner of making — amending or revoking — refusal to make anatomical gift before donor’s death — preclusive effect. PDF RTF
§142C.4 - Who may make anatomical gift of decedent’s body or part — amending or revoking gift. PDF RTF
§142C.4A - Cooperation between medical examiner and organ procurement organization — facilitation of anatomical gift from decedent whose body is under jurisdiction of medical examiner. PDF RTF
§142C.5 - Persons who may receive anatomical gifts and purposes for which anatomical gifts may be made. PDF RTF
§142C.5A - Search and notification. PDF RTF
§142C.6 - Delivery of document of gift not required — right to examine. PDF RTF
§142C.7 - Confidential information. PDF RTF
§142C.8 - Rights and duties of procurement organizations and donors. PDF RTF
§142C.9 - Coordination of procurement and use. PDF RTF
§142C.10 - Sale or purchase of parts prohibited — penalty. PDF RTF
§142C.10A - Other prohibited acts — penalty. PDF RTF
§142C.11 - Immunity. PDF RTF
§142C.12 - Service but not a sale. PDF RTF
§142C.12A - Law governing validity, choice of law, presumption of validity. PDF RTF
§142C.12B - Effect of anatomical gift on advance health care directive. PDF RTF
§142C.13 - Transitional provisions. PDF RTF
§142C.14 - Uniformity of application and construction. PDF RTF
§142C.14A - Electronic signatures. PDF RTF
§142C.15 - Anatomical gift public awareness and transplantation fund — established — uses of fund. PDF RTF
§142C.16 - Anatomical gift public awareness advisory committee — established — duties. PDF RTF
§142C.17 - Annual donation and compliance report. PDF RTF
§142C.18 - Iowa donor registry. PDF RTF