Iowa Code - 2022

Title IV - PUBLIC HEALTH | Back to Title Listing
Chapter 135C - HEALTH CARE FACILITIES PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
Code Section PDF RTF
§135C.1 - Definitions. PDF RTF
§135C.2 - Purpose — rules — special classifications — protection and advocacy agency. PDF RTF
§135C.3 - Nature of care. PDF RTF
§135C.4 - Residential care facilities. PDF RTF
§135C.5 - Limitations on use. PDF RTF
§135C.6 - License required — exemptions. PDF RTF
§135C.7 - Application — fees. PDF RTF
§135C.8 - Scope of license. PDF RTF
§135C.9 - Inspection before issuance — notice of deficiencies. PDF RTF
§135C.10 - Denial, suspension, or revocation. PDF RTF
§135C.11 - Notice — hearings. PDF RTF
§135C.12 - Conditional operation. PDF RTF
§135C.13 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§135C.14 - Rules. PDF RTF
§135C.15 - Time to comply. PDF RTF
§135C.16 - Inspections. PDF RTF
§135C.16A - Inspectors — conflicts of interest. PDF RTF
§135C.17 - Duties of other departments. PDF RTF
§135C.18 - Employees. PDF RTF
§135C.19 - Public disclosure of inspection findings — posting of citations. PDF RTF
§135C.20 - Information distributed. PDF RTF
§135C.20A - Report cards — facility inspections — complaint procedures — availability to public — electronic access. PDF RTF
§135C.20B - Governor’s award — quality care. PDF RTF
§135C.21 - Penalties. PDF RTF
§135C.22 - Applicable to governmental units. PDF RTF
§135C.23 - Express requirements for admission or residence. PDF RTF
§135C.24 - Personal property or affairs of patients or residents. PDF RTF
§135C.25 - Resident advocate committee appointments — duties — disclosure — liability. PDF RTF
§135C.26 - Director notified of casualties. PDF RTF
§135C.27 - Federal funds to implement program. PDF RTF
§135C.28 - Conflicting statutes. PDF RTF
§135C.29 - License list to county commissioner of elections. PDF RTF
§135C.30 - Operation of facility under receivership. PDF RTF
§135C.31 - Discharge of Medicaid patients. PDF RTF
§135C.31A - Assessment of residents — program eligibility — prescription drug coverage. PDF RTF
§135C.32 - Hospice services covered by Medicare. PDF RTF
§135C.33 - Employees and certified nurse aide trainees — child or dependent adult abuse information and criminal record check options — evaluations — application to other providers — penalty. PDF RTF
§135C.34 - Medication aide — certification. PDF RTF
§135C.35 - Training of inspectors. PDF RTF
§135C.36 - Violations classified — penalties. PDF RTF
§135C.37 - Complaints alleging violations — confidentiality. PDF RTF
§135C.38 - Inspections upon complaints. PDF RTF
§135C.39 - No advance notice of inspection — exception. PDF RTF
§135C.40 - Citations when violations found — penalties — exception. PDF RTF
§135C.40A - Issuance of final findings. PDF RTF
§135C.41 - Licensee’s response to citation. PDF RTF
§135C.42 - Informal conference on contested citation. PDF RTF
§135C.43 - Judicial review. PDF RTF
§135C.43A - Reduction of penalty amount. PDF RTF
§135C.44 - Treble fines for repeated violations. PDF RTF
§135C.44A - Double fines for intentional violations. PDF RTF
§135C.45 - Refund of penalty. PDF RTF
§135C.45A - Notification penalty. PDF RTF
§135C.46 - Retaliation by facility prohibited. PDF RTF
§135C.47 - Report listing licensees and citations. PDF RTF
§135C.48 - Information about complaint procedure. PDF RTF