Iowa Code - 2024

Chapter 12C - DEPOSIT OF PUBLIC FUNDS PDF Icon | Back to Chapter Listing
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§12C.1 - Deposits in general — definitions. PDF RTF
§12C.2 - Approval — requirements. PDF RTF
§12C.3 PDF RTF
§12C.4 - Location of depositories. PDF RTF
§12C.5 - Refusal of deposits — procedure. PDF RTF
§12C.6 - Interest rate — committee — notice. PDF RTF
§12C.6A - Eligibility for state public funds — procedures. PDF RTF
§12C.7 - Interest — where credited. PDF RTF
§12C.8 - Liability of public officers. PDF RTF
§12C.9 - Investment of sinking funds — bond proceeds. PDF RTF
§12C.10 - Investment of funds created by election. PDF RTF
§12C.11 - Investment officer. PDF RTF
§12C.12 - Service charge by depository. PDF RTF
§12C.13 - Deposit not membership. PDF RTF
§12C.14 - School bonds and earnings. PDF RTF
§12C.15 - Restriction on requiring collateral. PDF RTF
§12C.16 - Security for deposit of public funds. PDF RTF
§12C.17 - Deposit of securities. PDF RTF
§12C.18 - Condition of security. PDF RTF
§12C.19 - Withdrawals, exchanges of security. PDF RTF
§12C.20 - Public funds reports. PDF RTF
§12C.21 - Required collateral — banks. PDF RTF
§12C.22 - Required collateral — banks. PDF RTF
§12C.23 - Payment of losses in a credit union. PDF RTF
§12C.23A - Payment of losses in a bank. PDF RTF
§12C.24 - Liability. PDF RTF
§12C.25 - State sinking funds created. PDF RTF
§12C.26 - Refund from sinking funds. PDF RTF
§12C.27 - Failure to maintain required collateral. PDF RTF
§12C.28 - Electronic reporting. PDF RTF
§12C.29 - Authority of superintendent to issue orders. PDF RTF