Legal Publications Order Form

LSA has a limited inventory of current and archived editions of legal publications advertised for sale. Generally, orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis. It may be necessary to refund the purchase price for a legal publication if your order cannot be fulfilled.

Is this order for a government entity?

  • A government entity includes the following:
  • State Entities. A state executive, legislative, or judicial branch agency, association, authority, board, commission, council, department, institution, or office created by or pursuant to law, or any of its component parts, or a foundation acting solely for the support of a state government agency or institution.
  • Local Government Entities. A political subdivision or local governmental unit created by or pursuant to law, including an office associated with a county, township, city, public school district, public library, community college, area education agency, drainage or levee district, or district, or fair; other organization authorized to impose a property tax levy for its own support; or a foundation acting solely for the support of a local government entity or institution.
  • Other Government Entities in the U.S. Similar government entities at the federal level or in other states or territories of the United States.