Iowa Administrative Code - 05/04/2022

Workforce Development Department [871] | Agency Listing
Chapter 25 BENEFIT PAYMENT CONTROL | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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871.25.1 Definitions.
871.25.2 Policy of the investigation and recovery unit.
871.25.3 Functions of the investigation and recovery unit.
871.25.4 Allegation of claimant fraud.
871.25.5 Allegation of employing unit fraud.
871.25.6 Investigation of fraud (procedure).
871.25.7 Determination of overpayment by reason of claimant’s fault or fraud.
871.25.8 Recovery of benefit overpayments when benefits are erroneously received.
871.25.9 Administrative penalties.
871.25.10 Prosecution on overpayments.
871.25.11 Prosecution for fraud (procedure).
871.25.12 Wage verification procedure.
871.25.13 Duplicate benefit warrants.
871.25.14 Payments of benefits due deceased person.
871.25.15 Back pay—benefit recovery and charging.
871.25.16 State payment offset.
871.25.17 Federal payment offset.