Iowa Administrative Code - 05/04/2022

Workforce Development Department [871] | Agency Listing
Chapter 22 EMPLOYER RECORDS AND REPORTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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871.22.1 Records to be kept by the employer.
871.22.2 Reports.
871.22.3 Filing of Employer’s Contribution and Payroll, 65-5300, and Employer’s Payroll Continuation Sheet, 60-0103.
871.22.4 Reporting of earnings data by secure file transfer.
871.22.5 Filing of quarterly contribution and payroll by newly subject or covered employers.
871.22.6 Employer changing status, address or name required to file report.
871.22.7 Exempt employing units and exempt employment.
871.22.8 Subject employers.
871.22.9 Employing units required to file report to determine liability.
871.22.10 Report of a Partnership on Change in Partners.
871.22.11 Employer account.
871.22.12 Reporting units.
871.22.13 Procedure to be followed by an employer wishing to have an active reporting unit coded for notice of claim for unemployment benefit mailing.
871.22.14 Notification by employer of employee’s rights.
871.22.15 940 certification.
871.22.16 Electronic transmittal of contribution payments.
871.22.17 Procedures of field auditors.
871.22.18 Agents and other practitioners or firms representing employers in unemployment insurance matters.
871.22.19 Notification of availability of unemployment insurance.