Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 500 INTERSTATE REGISTRATION AND OPERATION OF VEHICLES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.500.1 Definitions.
761.500.2 General information.
761.500.3 Waiver of rules.
761.500.4 Renewal for IRP registration.
761.500.5 Deadline for placing a vehicle in storage.
761.500.6 Penalty for late filing of renewal.
761.500.7 IRP payment methods.
761.500.8 IRP plate.
761.500.9 Fleet additions and temporary authority.
761.500.10 Fleet deletions.
761.500.11 Voluntary cancellation of registration.
761.500.12 Policy on registration credit.
761.500.13 Penalty for late filing of vehicle schedule.
761.500.14 Renewal and vehicle schedule late payment penalty.
761.500.15 Deadline for payment of first-half fee.
761.500.16 Second-half late payment penalty.
761.500.17 Duplicate credentials.
761.500.18 Suspension for nonpayment of registration fees.
761.500.19 Suspension of registration if payment is dishonored by a financial institution.
761.500.20 Making claim for refund.
761.500.21 Registration expiration and enforcement dates.
761.500.22 Registration of vehicles with non-Iowa titles.
761.500.23 Record retention.
761.500.24 Trip permits.
761.500.25 Electronic information.