Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 400 VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND CERTIFICATE OF TITLE | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.400.1 Definitions.
761.400.2 Vehicle registration, certificate of title, receipt, validation sticker and registration plates—general provisions.
761.400.3 Application for certificate of title or registration for a vehicle.
761.400.4 Supporting documents required.
761.400.5 Where to apply for registration or certificate of title.
761.400.6 Addresses, information and forms.
761.400.7 Information appearing on title or registration.
761.400.8 Release form for cancellation of security interest.
761.400.9 Security interest notation, 30-day limit.
761.400.10 Assignment of security interest.
761.400.11 Sheriff’s levy, restitution lien, and forfeiture lien noted as security interests.
761.400.12 Replacement certificate of title.
761.400.13 Bond required before title issued.
761.400.14 Transfer of ownership.
761.400.15 Cancellation of a certificate of title.
761.400.16 Application for certificate of title or original registration for a specially constructed, reconstructed, street rod or replica motor vehicle.
761.400.17 Remanufactured vehicle.
761.400.18 Rescinded
761.400.19 Temporary use of vehicle without plates or registration card.
761.400.20 Registration of motor vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more.
761.400.21 Registration of vehicles on a restricted basis.
761.400.22 Transfers of ownership by operation of law.
761.400.23 Junked vehicle.
761.400.24 New vehicle registration fee.
761.400.25 Fees established by the department.
761.400.26 Anatomical gift.
761.400.27 Vehicles held for resale or trade by dealers.
761.400.28 Special trucks.
761.400.29 Vehicles previously registered under Iowa Code chapter .
761.400.30 Registration of vehicles registered in another state or country.
761.400.31 Rescinded
761.400.32 Vehicles owned by nonresident members of the armed services.
761.400.33 Disabled veterans exemption from payment of registration fees.
761.400.34 Multipurpose vehicle registration fee.
761.400.35 Registration of vehicles equipped for persons with disabilities.
761.400.36 Land and water-type travel trailers registration fee.
761.400.37 Motorcycle or autocycle primarily designed or converted to transport property.
761.400.38 Rescinded
761.400.39 Conversion of motor vehicles.
761.400.40 Manufactured or mobile home converted to or from real property.
761.400.41 Special registration plates.
761.400.42 Church bus registration fee.
761.400.43 Storage of vehicles.
761.400.44 Penalty on registration fees.
761.400.45 Suspension, revocation or denial of registration.
761.400.46 Termination of suspension of registration.
761.400.47 Raw farm products.
761.400.48 Special mobile equipment.
761.400.49 Special mobile equipment transported on a registered vehicle.
761.400.50 Refund of registration fees.
761.400.51 Assigned identification numbers.
761.400.52 Odometer statement.
761.400.53 Stickers.
761.400.54 Registration card issued for trailer-type vehicles.
761.400.55 Damage disclosure statement.
761.400.56 Hearings.
761.400.57 Non-resident-owned vehicles.
761.400.58 Motorized bicycles.
761.400.59 Registration documents lost or damaged in transit through the United States postal service.
761.400.60 Credit of registration fees.
761.400.61 Reassignment of registration plates.
761.400.62 Storage of registration plates, certificate of title forms and registration forms.
761.400.63 Disposal of surrendered registration plates.
761.400.64 County treasurer’s report of motor vehicle collections and funds.
761.400.65 Reserved
761.400.66 Reserved
761.400.67 Reserved
761.400.68 Reserved
761.400.69 Reserved
761.400.70 Removal of registration and plates by peace officer under financial liability coverage law.
761.400.71 Lemon law designation.
761.400.72 Electronic lien and title.