Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 163 RISE PROGRAM | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.163.1 Definitions.
761.163.2 Information and forms.
761.163.3 Purpose of RISE program.
761.163.4 Administration of RISE program.
761.163.5 Source, allocation, and use of RISE funds.
761.163.6 Project financing and funding shares.
761.163.7 Eligibility of applicants and joint applications.
761.163.8 Project activities eligible and ineligible for RISE funds.
761.163.9 Advance eligibility of land acquisition and preliminary design costs incurred prior to funding commitment by commission.
761.163.10 Immediate opportunity projects.
761.163.11 Local development projects.
761.163.12 Project administration.