Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Transportation Department [761] | Agency Listing
Chapter 101 FARM-TO-MARKET REVIEW BOARD | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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761.101.1 Purpose.
761.101.2 Definitions.
761.101.3 Composition and membership of the farm-to-market review board.
761.101.4 Collection of system modification requests and frequency of meetings.
761.101.5 Procedure for requesting modifications to the farm-to-market road system.
761.101.6 Review criteria for determining eligibility for inclusion of additional roads into the farm-to-market road system.
761.101.7 Voting and approval of requested modifications.
761.101.8 Report of board decision to applicant county.
761.101.9 Reapplication for modification.
761.101.10 Judicial review.
761.101.11 Adoption and modification of rules.
761.101.12 Severability clause.