Iowa Administrative Code - 10/09/2019

Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Iowa [751] | Agency Listing
Chapter 7 AUTHORIZED USE AND USERS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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751.7.1 Definitions.
751.7.2 Internet access provided by the network.
751.7.3 Reserved
751.7.4 Authorized facility connectivity.
751.7.5 Use or access to all services.
751.7.6 Use or access to voice and data services.
751.7.7 Use or access to full motion interactive video services—prerequisites.
751.7.8 Use or access for home-schooled students with dual enrollment.
751.7.9 Use or access for U.S. Post Office employees.
751.7.10 Use or access by shared data network users.
751.7.11 Use or access to telemedicine users.