Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Secretary of State [721] | Agency Listing
Chapter 45 MECHANICS’ NOTICE AND LIEN REGISTRY | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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721.45.1 General provisions.
721.45.2 Creation of mechanics’ notice and lien registry.
721.45.3 Administrator identification.
721.45.4 Posting of notice of commencement of work.
721.45.5 Posting of preliminary notice.
721.45.6 Posting of mechanic’s lien.
721.45.7 Forfeiture and cancellation of mechanics’ liens.
721.45.8 Discharge of mechanic’s lien by submission of a bond.
721.45.9 Action against general contractor or owner-builder to recover amount due.
721.45.10 Delay by administrator.
721.45.11 Nondisclosure of MNLR information.
721.45.12 Obligation to update information.
721.45.13 Fees and services.
721.45.14 Grounds for refusal of a posting or submission.
721.45.15 Posting of a filing office statement, correction statement, or withdrawal statement.
721.45.16 Assignment of date and time stamp and MNLR number.
721.45.17 Penalties.
721.45.18 Preservation and access by the public.