Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Secretary of State [721] | Agency Listing
Chapter 43 NOTARIAL ACTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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721.43.1 Certificate of notarial acts.
721.43.2 Short form certificates.
721.43.3 Jurisdiction.
721.43.4 Conflict of interest.
721.43.5 Commission as notary public.
721.43.6 Performance of notarial act on electronic record.
721.43.7 Protection of recording and personally identifiable information.
721.43.8 Notary public sanctions.
721.43.9 Standards for communication technology and identity proofing for notarial acts performed for remotely located individuals.
721.43.10 Providers of communication technology.
721.43.11 Registration of provider of communication technology and approval of communication technology.