Iowa Administrative Code - 12/06/2017

Public Safety Department [661] | Agency Listing
Chapter 95 DISPOSITION OF SEIZED AND FORFEITED WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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661.95.1 Definitions.
661.95.2 Ammunition and firearms.
661.95.3 Firearms inventory.
661.95.4 Deposit of firearms in the firearms reference file.
661.95.5 Disposition of firearms (interstate).
661.95.6 Transfer of rifles and shotguns to the department of natural resources.
661.95.7 Disposition of firearms (intrastate).
661.95.8 Final disposition and destruction of firearms.
661.95.9 Claims.
661.95.10 Disposition of explosives.
661.95.11 Disposition of weapons other than firearms and explosives.