Iowa Administrative Code - 04/03/2024

Dental Board [650] | Agency Listing
Chapter 29 SEDATION AND NITROUS OXIDE | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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650.29.1 Definitions.
650.29.2 Advertising.
650.29.3 Nitrous oxide inhalation analgesia.
650.29.4 Minimal sedation standards.
650.29.5 Shared standards for moderate sedation, deep sedation and general anesthesia.
650.29.6 Moderate sedation standards.
650.29.7 Deep sedation or general anesthesia standards.
650.29.8 Facility and equipment requirements for moderate sedation, deep sedation or general anesthesia.
650.29.9 Use of another licensed sedation provider or permit holder.
650.29.10 Reporting of adverse occurrences related to sedation or nitrous oxide.
650.29.11 Requirements for issuance of a moderate sedation or general anesthesia permit.
650.29.12 ACC.
650.29.13 Review of permit applications.
650.29.14 Renewal.
650.29.15 Grounds for nonrenewal.
650.29.16 Noncompliance.