Iowa Administrative Code - 09/08/2021

Dental Board [650] | Agency Listing
Chapter 11 LICENSURE TO PRACTICE DENTISTRY OR DENTAL HYGIENE | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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650.11.1 Applicant responsibilities.
650.11.2 Dental licensure by examination.
650.11.3 Dental licensure by credentials.
650.11.4 Graduates of foreign dental schools.
650.11.5 Dental hygiene licensure by examination.
650.11.6 Dental hygiene licensure by credentials.
650.11.7 Dental hygiene application for local anesthesia permit.
650.11.8 Review of applications.
650.11.9 Grounds for denial of application.
650.11.10 Denial of licensure—appeal procedure.
650.11.11 Receipt of certificate of noncompliance.
650.11.12 Licensure by verification.