Iowa Administrative Code - 12/05/2018

Professional Licensure Division [645] | Agency Listing
Chapter 4 BOARD ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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645.4.1 Definitions.
645.4.2 Purpose of board.
645.4.3 Organization of board and proceedings.
645.4.4 Official communications.
645.4.5 Office hours.
645.4.6 Public meetings.
645.4.7 Licensure by reciprocal agreement.
645.4.8 Duplicate certificate or wallet card.
645.4.9 Reissued certificate or wallet card.
645.4.10 License denial.
645.4.11 Audit of continuing education.
645.4.12 Automatic exemption.
645.4.13 Grounds for disciplinary action.
645.4.14 Continuing education exemption for disability or illness.
645.4.15 Order for physical, mental, or clinical competency examination or alcohol or drug screening.
645.4.16 Noncompliance rules regarding child support, loan repayment and nonpayment of state debt.