Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Public Health Department [641] | Agency Listing
Chapter 97 DEATH REGISTRATION AND DISPOSITION OF DEAD HUMAN BODIES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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641.97.1 Definitions.
641.97.2 Forms—property of department.
641.97.3 Standard registration of death—up to one year.
641.97.4 Standard registration of fetal death—up to one year.
641.97.5 Preparation of the certificate of death or fetal death.
641.97.6 Medical certification of death.
641.97.7 Medical certification of fetal death.
641.97.8 Medical certifier.
641.97.9 Report of autopsy findings.
641.97.10 Extension of time.
641.97.11 Removal of a dead human body or fetus.
641.97.12 Burial-transit permit.
641.97.13 Transportation and disposition of a dead human body or fetus.
641.97.14 Disinterment permits.
641.97.15 Delayed death registration—one year or more after event.
641.97.16 Registration of presumptive death.
641.97.17 Release or final disposition of a dead human body or fetus by an institution.
641.97.18 Additional record by funeral director.