Iowa Administrative Code - 06/29/2022

Public Health Department [641] | Agency Listing
Chapter 95 VITAL RECORDS: GENERAL ADMINISTRATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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641.95.1 Definitions.
641.95.2 Vital records and statistics.
641.95.3 Forms—property of department.
641.95.4 Information by others.
641.95.5 Handling of vital records.
641.95.6 Fees.
641.95.7 General public access of vital records in the custody of the county registrar.
641.95.8 Direct tangible interest in and entitlement to a vital record.
641.95.9 Search and issuance of a certified copy of a vital record.
641.95.10 Search and issuance for genealogy or family history.
641.95.11 Registrars’ responsibility for maintenance of confidentiality.
641.95.12 Disclosure of data.
641.95.13 Preparation of certified copies.
641.95.14 Access to original certificate of birth prior to adoption.
641.95.15 Cancellation of fraudulent records.
641.95.16 Unlawful acts.
641.95.17 Enforcement assistance.