Iowa Administrative Code - 03/06/2013

Public Health Department [641] | Agency Listing
Chapter 3 EARLY HEARING DETECTION AND INTERVENTION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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641.3.1 Definitions.
641.3.2 Purpose.
641.3.3 Goal and outcomes.
641.3.4 Program components.
641.3.5 Screening the hearing of all newborns.
641.3.6 Procedures required of birthing hospitals.
641.3.7 Procedures required of birth centers.
641.3.8 Procedures to ensure that children born in locations other than a birth center or birthing hospital receive a hearing screening.
641.3.9 Reporting hearing screening results and information to the department.
641.3.10 Conducting and reporting screening results and diagnostic audiologic assessments to the department.
641.3.11 Sharing of information and confidentiality.
641.3.12 Reporting requirements for AEAs.
641.3.13 Procedure to accommodate parental objection.
641.3.14 Civil/criminal liability.
641.3.15 Reserved
641.3.16 Reserved
641.3.17 Eligibility criteria.
641.3.18 Covered services.
641.3.19 Application procedures.
641.3.20 Hearing aids and audiologic services funding wait list.
641.3.21 Reimbursement of providers.
641.3.22 Appeals.