Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Public Health Department [641] | Agency Listing
Chapter 203 STANDARDS FOR CERTIFICATE OF NEED REVIEW | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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641.203.1 Acute care bed need.
641.203.2 Cardiac catheterization and cardiovascular surgery standards.
641.203.3 Radiation therapy standards.
641.203.4 Computerized tomography standards.
641.203.5 Long-term care.
641.203.6 Bed need formula for mentally retarded.
641.203.7 End-stage renal disease standards.
641.203.8 Financial and economic feasibility.
641.203.9 Obstetrical services and neonatal intensive care unit standards.
641.203.10 Designated pediatric units standards.
641.203.11 Designated inpatient substance abuse treatment unit standards.
641.203.12 Magnetic resonance imaging services standards.
641.203.13 Positron emission tomography services standards.