Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Natural Resource Commission [571] | Agency Listing
Chapter 40 BOATING SPEED AND DISTANCE ZONING | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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571.40.1 Restricted areas.
571.40.2 Uniform buoy system.
571.40.3 Commission approval.
571.40.4 Right for aggrieved party to appeal.
571.40.5 Rathbun Lake, Appanoose County—zoned areas.
571.40.6 Red Rock Lake, Marion County—zoned areas.
571.40.7 Coralville Lake, Johnson County—zoned areas.
571.40.8 Saylorville Lake, Polk County—zoned areas.
571.40.9 Lake Odessa in Louisa County.
571.40.10 Mississippi River lock and dam safety zone.
571.40.11 Joyce Slough Area.
571.40.12 Swan Slough, Camanche, Iowa.
571.40.13 Massey Slough.
571.40.14 Black Hawk County waters.
571.40.15 Mitchell County waters.
571.40.16 Maquoketa River.
571.40.17 Zoning of off-channel waters of the Wapsipinicon River in Pinicon Ridge Park in Linn County.
571.40.18 Speed restrictions on Lake Manawa.
571.40.19 Zoning of Little Wall Lake.
571.40.20 Lake Icaria, Adams County—watercraft use.
571.40.21 Zoning of the Des Moines River.
571.40.22 Upper Gar Lake, Dickinson County.
571.40.23 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Guttenberg river mile 616, Clayton County.
571.40.24 Mt. Ayr City Lake (Loch Ayr).
571.40.25 Iowa River in Iowa City, Johnson County.
571.40.26 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Dubuque, Dubuque County.
571.40.27 Zoning Harpers Slough, Harpers Ferry, Allamakee County.
571.40.28 Black Hawk Lake, Sac County—zoned areas.
571.40.29 Speed and other restrictions on Brown’s Lake, Woodbury County.
571.40.30 Speed and other restrictions on Snyder Bend Lake, Woodbury County.
571.40.31 Speed restrictions on East Okoboji and West Okoboji Lakes in Dickinson County.
571.40.32 Spirit Lake, Dickinson County—zoned areas.
571.40.33 Speed restrictions on the Mississippi River, Jackson County, at Spruce Creek County Park.
571.40.34 Speed restrictions on the Mississippi River, Jackson County, at the city of Sabula.
571.40.35 Speed restrictions on the Greene Impoundment of the Shell Rock River.
571.40.36 Zoning of the Iowa River, Iowa Falls, Hardin County.
571.40.37 Zoning of Crystal Lake.
571.40.38 Five Island Lake, Palo Alto County.
571.40.39 Lost Island Lake, Palo Alto and Clay Counties.
571.40.40 Ingham Lake, Emmet County.
571.40.41 Storm Lake, Buena Vista County.
571.40.42 Raccoon River Regional Park Lake, Polk County.
571.40.43 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Bellevue, Jackson County.
571.40.44 Three Mile Lake, Union County—watercraft use.
571.40.45 Zoning of the Cedar River.
571.40.46 Zoning of Carter Lake, Pottawattamie County.
571.40.47 Zoning of the Mississippi River, McGregor, Clayton County.
571.40.48 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Marquette, Clayton County.
571.40.49 Zoning of Green Island, Jackson County.
571.40.50 Mooring of vessels on riparian property of the state of Iowa.
571.40.51 Little River Lake, Decatur County.
571.40.52 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Johnson Slough, Clayton County.
571.40.53 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Mud Lake, Dubuque County.
571.40.54 Nighttime speed limit, Dickinson County.
571.40.55 Zoning of Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo County.
571.40.56 Zoning of Mississippi River, Des Moines County, city of Burlington.
571.40.57 Zoning of Catfish Creek, Mines of Spain State Recreation Area, Dubuque County.
571.40.58 Zoning of Lake Cornelia, Wright County.
571.40.59 Zoning of lakes in Dickinson County.
571.40.60 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Clayton, Clayton County.
571.40.61 Beaver Creek safety zone.
571.40.62 Zoning of the Mississippi River, Lansing, Allamakee County.