Iowa Administrative Code - 11/16/2022

Natural Resource Commission [571] | Agency Listing
Chapter 16 DOCKS AND OTHER STRUCTURES ON PUBLIC WATERS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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571.16.1 Definitions.
571.16.2 Scope of division and classes of permits.
571.16.3 Standard requirements for all docks.
571.16.4 Class I permits for standard private docks.
571.16.5 Class I permits for docks permitted by Corps of Engineers.
571.16.6 Class II permits for docks authorized by cities and counties that own or otherwise control shoreline property.
571.16.7 Class III permits for nonstandard private docks.
571.16.8 Class IV permits for commercial docks.
571.16.9 Exceptions for renewal of Class III and Class IV permits for existing docks.
571.16.10 Exceptions to Class III and Class IV permits for new structures.
571.16.11 Reserved
571.16.12 Initial decision and right of appeal.
571.16.13 Application forms and administrative fees.
571.16.14 Reserved
571.16.15 Reserved
571.16.16 Reserved
571.16.17 Duration and transferability of permits; refund of application fees; suspension, modification, or revocation of permits; complaint investigation; property line location.
571.16.18 Exemptions from winter removal requirement.
571.16.19 General conditions of all dock permits.
571.16.20 Permit criteria for rafts, platforms, or other structures.
571.16.21 Reserved
571.16.22 Reserved
571.16.23 Reserved
571.16.24 Reserved
571.16.25 Designation or modification of dock management areas.
571.16.26 Procedures and policies for dock site permits and hoist or slip assignments in dock management areas.
571.16.27 Standard requirements for dock management area docks.
571.16.28 Dock management area permit restrictions and conditions.
571.16.29 Fees for docks in dock management areas.
571.16.30 Suspension, modification or revocation of dock management area permits.
571.16.31 Persons affected by DMA permit—hearing request.