Iowa Administrative Code - 01/27/2021

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 64 WASTEWATER CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION PERMITS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.64.1 Definitions.
567.64.2 Permit to construct.
567.64.3 Permit to operate.
567.64.4 Issuance of NPDES permits.
567.64.5 Notice and public participation in the individual NPDES permit process.
567.64.6 Completing a Notice of Intent for coverage under a general permit.
567.64.7 Terms and conditions of NPDES permits.
567.64.8 Reissuance of operation and NPDES permits.
567.64.9 Monitoring, record keeping and reporting by operation permit holders.
567.64.10 Silvicultural activities.
567.64.11 Reserved
567.64.12 Reserved
567.64.13 Storm water discharges.
567.64.14 Transfer of title and owner or operator address change.
567.64.15 General permits issued by the department.
567.64.16 Fees.
567.64.17 Validity of rules.
567.64.18 Applicability.