Iowa Administrative Code - 01/27/2021

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 63 MONITORING, ANALYTICAL AND REPORTING REQUIREMENTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.63.1 Guidelines establishing test procedures for the analysis of pollutants.
567.63.2 Records of monitoring activities and results.
567.63.3 Minimum self-monitoring requirements in permits.
567.63.4 Effluent toxicity testing requirements in permits.
567.63.5 Self-monitoring and reporting for animal feeding operations.
567.63.6 Bypasses and upsets.
567.63.7 Submission of records of operation.
567.63.8 Frequency of submitting records of operation.
567.63.9 Content of records of operation.
567.63.10 Records of operation forms.
567.63.11 Certification and signatory requirements in the submission of records of operation.
567.63.12 Twenty-four-hour reporting.
567.63.13 Planned changes.
567.63.14 Anticipated noncompliance.
567.63.15 Other noncompliance.