Iowa Administrative Code - 12/06/2017

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 41 WATER SUPPLIES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.41.1 Primary drinking water regulations—coverage.
567.41.2 Biological maximum contaminant levels (MCL) and monitoring requirements.
567.41.3 Maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) and monitoring requirements for inorganic contaminants other than lead or copper.
567.41.4 Lead, copper, and corrosivity.
567.41.5 Organic chemicals.
567.41.6 Disinfection byproducts maximum contaminant levels and monitoring requirements.
567.41.7 Physical properties maximum contaminant levels (MCL or treatment technique requirements) and monitoring requirements.
567.41.8 Radionuclides.
567.41.9 Sampling and analytical requirements for radionuclides.
567.41.10 Reporting, public notification and record keeping.
567.41.11 Special monitoring.
567.41.12 Alternative analytical techniques.
567.41.13 Monitoring of interconnected public water supply systems.
567.41.14 Department analytical results used to determine compliance.
567.41.15 Monitoring of other contaminants.