Iowa Administrative Code - 01/27/2021

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 136 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR UNDERGROUND STORAGE TANKS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.136.1 Applicability.
567.136.2 Compliance dates.
567.136.3 Definition of terms.
567.136.4 Amount and scope of required financial responsibility.
567.136.5 Allowable mechanisms and combinations of mechanisms.
567.136.6 Financial test of self-insurance.
567.136.7 Guarantee.
567.136.8 Insurance and risk retention group coverage.
567.136.9 Surety bond.
567.136.10 Letter of credit.
567.136.11 Trust fund.
567.136.12 Standby trust fund.
567.136.13 Local government bond rating test.
567.136.14 Local government financial test.
567.136.15 Local government guarantee.
567.136.16 Local government fund.
567.136.17 Substitution of financial assurance mechanisms by owner or operator.
567.136.18 Cancellation or nonrenewal by a provider of financial assurance.
567.136.19 Reporting by owner or operator.
567.136.20 Record keeping.
567.136.21 Drawing on financial assurance mechanisms.
567.136.22 Release from the requirements.
567.136.23 Bankruptcy or other incapacity of owner or operator or provider of financial assurance.
567.136.24 Replenishment of guarantees, letters of credit, or surety bonds.