Iowa Administrative Code - 01/27/2021

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 114 SANITARY LANDFILLS: CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION WASTES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.114.1 Scope and applicability.
567.114.2 Permit required.
567.114.3 Types of permits.
567.114.4 Applications for permits.
567.114.5 Preparation of plans.
567.114.6 Construction and operation.
567.114.7 Compliance with rule changes.
567.114.8 Amendments.
567.114.9 Transfer of title and permit.
567.114.10 Permit conditions.
567.114.11 Effect of revocation.
567.114.12 Inspection prior to start-up.
567.114.13 Primary plan requirements for all sanitary disposal projects.
567.114.14 Hydrologic monitoring system planning requirements.
567.114.15 Soil investigation.
567.114.16 Hydrogeologic investigation.
567.114.17 Hydrologic monitoring system planning report requirements.
567.114.18 Evaluation of hydrogeologic conditions.
567.114.19 Monitoring system plan.
567.114.20 Sampling protocol.
567.114.21 Monitoring well maintenance and performance reevaluation plan.
567.114.22 Monitoring well siting requirements.
567.114.23 Monitoring well/soil boring construction standards.
567.114.24 Sealing abandoned wells and boreholes.
567.114.25 Variance from design, construction, and operation standards.
567.114.26 General requirements for all sanitary landfills.
567.114.27 Operating requirements for all sanitary disposal projects.
567.114.28 Specific requirements for a sanitary landfill proposing to accept only construction and demolition waste.
567.114.29 Operator certification.
567.114.30 Emergency response and remedial action plans.
567.114.31 Construction and demolition wastes sanitary landfill financial assurance.