Iowa Administrative Code - 01/27/2021

Environmental Protection Commission [567] | Agency Listing
Chapter 106 CITIZEN CONVENIENCE CENTERS AND TRANSFER STATIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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567.106.1 Compliance.
567.106.2 Definitions.
567.106.3 Citizen convenience center and transfer station permits.
567.106.4 Citizen convenience center permit application requirements.
567.106.5 Citizen convenience center operations.
567.106.6 Citizen convenience center reporting requirements.
567.106.7 Citizen convenience center closure requirements.
567.106.8 Transfer station permit application requirements.
567.106.9 Transfer station siting and location requirements.
567.106.10 Transfer station design standards.
567.106.11 Transfer station operating requirements.
567.106.12 Temporary solid waste storage at transfer stations.
567.106.13 Transfer station record-keeping requirements.
567.106.14 Transfer station reporting requirements.
567.106.15 Solid waste transport vehicle construction and maintenance requirements.
567.106.16 Solid waste transport vehicle operation requirements.
567.106.17 Transfer station closure requirements.
567.106.18 Citizen convenience center and transfer station financial assurance.
567.106.19 Emergency response and remedial action plans.