Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Inspections and Appeals Department [481] | Agency Listing
Chapter 56 FINING AND CITATIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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481.56.1 Authority for citations.
481.56.2 Classification of violations—classes.
481.56.3 Fines.
481.56.4 Time for compliance.
481.56.5 Failure to correct a violation within the time specified—penalty.
481.56.6 Treble and double fines.
481.56.7 Notation of classes of violations.
481.56.8 Notation for more than one class of violation.
481.56.9 Factors determining selection of class of violation.
481.56.10 Factors determining imposition of citation and fine.
481.56.11 Class I violation not specified in the rules.
481.56.12 Class I violation as a result of multiple lesser violations.
481.56.13 Form of citations.
481.56.14 Licensee’s response to a citation.
481.56.15 Procedure for facility after informal conference.
481.56.16 Contesting a citation for a class I violation.
481.56.17 Formal contest.