Iowa Administrative Code - 07/24/2013

Inspections and Appeals Department [481] | Agency Listing
Chapter 31 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT AND FOOD PROCESSING PLANT INSPECTIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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481.31.1 Inspection standards.
481.31.2 Food processing plant standards.
481.31.3 Trichinae control for pork products prepared at retail.
481.31.4 Certified food protection programs.
481.31.5 Labeling.
481.31.6 Adulterated food and disposal.
481.31.7 Mobile food units/pushcarts.
481.31.8 Enforcement.
481.31.9 Toilets and lavatories.
481.31.10 Warewashing sinks in establishments serving alcoholic beverages.
481.31.11 Criminal offense—conviction of license holder.
481.31.12 Temporary food establishments and farmers market potentially hazardous food licensees.