Iowa Administrative Code - 11/30/2022

Human Services Department [441] | Agency Listing
Chapter 95 COLLECTIONS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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441.95.1 Definitions.
441.95.2 Child support recovery eligibility and services.
441.95.3 Crediting of current and delinquent support.
441.95.4 Prepayment of support.
441.95.5 Lump sum settlement.
441.95.6 Offset against state income tax refund or rebate.
441.95.7 Offset against federal income tax refund and federal nontax payment.
441.95.8 Child support offset of unemployment insurance benefits.
441.95.9 Reserved
441.95.10 Mandatory assignment of wages.
441.95.11 Establishment of an administrative order.
441.95.12 Procedures for providing information to consumer reporting agencies.
441.95.13 Appeals.
441.95.14 Termination of services.
441.95.15 Child support recovery unit attorney.
441.95.16 Handling and use of federal 1099 information.
441.95.17 Effective date of support.
441.95.18 Continued services available to canceled family investment program (FIP) or Medicaid recipients.
441.95.19 Cooperation of public assistance recipients in establishing and obtaining support.
441.95.20 Cooperation of public assistance applicants in establishing and obtaining support.
441.95.21 Cooperation in establishing and obtaining support in nonpublic assistance cases.
441.95.22 Charging pass-through fees.
441.95.23 Reimbursing assistance with collections of assigned support.
441.95.24 Child support account.
441.95.25 Emancipation verification.
441.95.26 Right of appeal.
441.95.27 Appeal record.