Iowa Administrative Code - 08/21/2013

Human Services Department [441] | Agency Listing
Chapter 81 NURSING FACILITIES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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441.81.1 Definitions.
441.81.2 Rescinded
441.81.3 Initial approval for nursing facility care.
441.81.4 Arrangements with residents.
441.81.5 Discharge and transfer.
441.81.6 Financial and statistical report and determination of payment rate.
441.81.7 Continued review.
441.81.8 Quality of care review.
441.81.9 Records.
441.81.10 Payment procedures.
441.81.11 Billing procedures.
441.81.12 Closing of facility.
441.81.13 Conditions of participation for nursing facilities.
441.81.14 Audits.
441.81.15 Nurse aide training and testing programs.
441.81.16 Nurse aide requirements and training and testing programs.
441.81.17 Termination procedures.
441.81.18 Sanctions.
441.81.19 Criteria related to the specific sanctions.
441.81.20 Out-of-state facilities.
441.81.21 Outpatient services.
441.81.22 Rates for Medicaid eligibles.
441.81.23 State-funded personal needs supplement.
441.81.24 Reserved
441.81.25 Reserved
441.81.26 Reserved
441.81.27 Reserved
441.81.28 Reserved
441.81.29 Reserved
441.81.30 Reserved
441.81.31 Definitions.
441.81.32 General provisions.
441.81.33 Factors to be considered in selecting remedies.
441.81.34 Available remedies.
441.81.35 Selection of remedies.
441.81.36 Action when there is immediate jeopardy.
441.81.37 Action when there is no immediate jeopardy.
441.81.38 Action when there is repeated substandard quality of care.
441.81.39 Temporary management.
441.81.40 Denial of payment for all new admissions.
441.81.41 Secretarial authority to deny all payments.
441.81.42 State monitoring.
441.81.43 Directed plan of correction.
441.81.44 Directed in-service training.
441.81.45 Closure of a facility or transfer of residents, or both.
441.81.46 Civil money penalties—basis for imposing penalty.
441.81.47 Civil money penalties—when penalty is collected.
441.81.48 Civil money penalties—notice of penalty.
441.81.49 Civil money penalties—waiver of hearing, reduction of penalty amount.
441.81.50 Civil money penalties—amount of penalty.
441.81.51 Civil money penalties—effective date and duration of penalty.
441.81.52 Civil money penalties—due date for payment of penalty.
441.81.53 Use of penalties collected by the department.
441.81.54 Continuation of payments to a facility with deficiencies.
441.81.55 State and federal disagreements involving findings not in agreement when there is no immediate jeopardy.
441.81.56 Duration of remedies.
441.81.57 Termination of provider agreement.