Iowa Administrative Code - 08/21/2013

Human Services Department [441] | Agency Listing
Chapter 7 APPEALS AND HEARINGS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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441.7.1 Definitions.
441.7.2 Application of rules.
441.7.3 Presiding officer.
441.7.4 Notification of hearing procedures.
441.7.5 The right to appeal.
441.7.6 Informing persons of their rights.
441.7.7 Notice of intent to approve, deny, terminate, reduce, or suspend assistance or deny reinstatement of assistance.
441.7.8 Opportunity for hearing.
441.7.9 Continuation of assistance pending a final decision on appeal.
441.7.10 Procedural considerations.
441.7.11 Information and referral for legal services.
441.7.12 Subpoenas.
441.7.13 Rights of appellants during hearings.
441.7.14 Limitation of persons attending.
441.7.15 Medical examination.
441.7.16 The appeal decision.
441.7.17 Exhausting administrative remedies.
441.7.18 Ex parte communication.
441.7.19 Accessibility of hearing decisions.
441.7.20 Right of judicial review and stays of agency action.
441.7.21 Food assistance hearings and appeals.
441.7.22 FIP disqualification hearings.
441.7.23 Contested cases with no factual dispute.
441.7.24 Emergency adjudicative proceedings.