Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, Iowa [351] | Agency Listing
Chapter 8 EXECUTIVE BRANCH LOBBYING | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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351.8.1 Executive branch lobbying defined.
351.8.2 Executive branch lobbyist defined.
351.8.3 Individuals not considered executive branch lobbyists.
351.8.4 Executive branch lobbyist client defined.
351.8.5 Lobbyist compensation defined; contingency fee lobbying prohibited.
351.8.6 Executive branch lobbying expenditures.
351.8.7 Lobbyist registration required.
351.8.8 Executive branch periodic lobbyist reports.
351.8.9 Executive branch lobbyist client reporting.
351.8.10 Session function registrations and reports.
351.8.11 Penalties for delinquent reports.
351.8.12 Request for waiver of penalty.
351.8.13 Contested case proceeding.
351.8.14 Payment of penalty.
351.8.15 Campaign contributions by lobbyists during the regular legislative session prohibited.
351.8.16 Lobbyists prohibited from making loans.
351.8.17 Ban on certain lobbying activities by government personnel.
351.8.18 False communications prohibited.
351.8.19 Advisory opinions.
351.8.20 Retention and availability of filed forms.