Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, Iowa [351] | Agency Listing
Chapter 6 EXECUTIVE BRANCH ETHICS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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351.6.1 Scope of chapter.
351.6.2 Definitions.
351.6.3 Complaints or filing information alleging a violation.
351.6.4 Board advice.
351.6.5 Reserved
351.6.6 Dual executive branch compensation prohibited.
351.6.7 Reserved
351.6.8 Misuse of public property.
351.6.9 Use of confidential information.
351.6.10 Prohibition on sales; when public bids required—disclosure of income.
351.6.11 Sales or leases by regulatory agency officials or employees.
351.6.12 Sales or leases by members of the office of the governor.
351.6.13 Reserved
351.6.14 Engaging in services against the interest of the state prohibited.
351.6.15 Reserved
351.6.16 Reserved
351.6.17 Reserved
351.6.18 Reserved
351.6.19 Prohibition on receipt of an honorarium.
351.6.20 Loans from executive branch lobbyists prohibited.