Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, Iowa [351] | Agency Listing
Chapter 4 CAMPAIGN DISCLOSURE PROCEDURES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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351.4.1 Requirement to file statement of organization (DR-1)—persons subject to requirements; financial thresholds; where to file; when due.
351.4.2 Information required: committee name.
351.4.3 Information required: committee purpose; party affiliation.
351.4.4 Information required: officers; committee information; signatures.
351.4.5 Segregation and timely deposit of funds; information required: identification of financial institution, account name; notice to treasurer.
351.4.6 Amendments to statement of organization; requirement for new statement of organization for new office sought.
351.4.7 Disclosure reporting required; information on initial report; minimum filing if no activity.
351.4.8 Disclosure reporting required—where reports filed.
351.4.9 Campaign disclosure report due dates.
351.4.10 Time of filing.
351.4.11 Voluntary registration—Form DR-SFA.
351.4.12 Exception from reporting requirement—reports due within five days of one another.
351.4.13 Report forms—summary page (DR-2) and supporting schedules.
351.4.14 Schedule A - Monetary Receipts.
351.4.15 Schedule B - Monetary Expenditures.
351.4.16 Schedule D - Incurred Indebtedness.
351.4.17 Schedule E - In-kind Contributions.
351.4.18 Schedule F - Loans Received and Repaid.
351.4.19 Schedule G - Breakdown of Monetary Expenditures by Consultants.
351.4.20 Schedule H - Campaign Property.
351.4.21 Filing of reconciled bank statement.
351.4.22 Verification of reports; incomplete reports.
351.4.23 Amendment—statements, disclosure reports and notices.
351.4.24 Reporting of state party building fund transactions.
351.4.25 Legitimate expenditures of campaign funds.
351.4.26 Transfers between candidates.
351.4.27 Filing of independent expenditure statement.
351.4.28 Prohibition on contributions and independent expenditures by foreign nationals.
351.4.29 Contributions by minors.
351.4.30 Funds from unknown source prohibited; subsequent identification of source; notice to contributors.
351.4.31 Information required for a trust to avoid a contribution in the name of another person.
351.4.32 Contributions from political committees not organized in Iowa.
351.4.33 Reporting of earmarked contributions.
351.4.34 Copies of reports filed by 527 Committees.
351.4.35 Permanent organizations forming temporary political committees; one-time contributor filing Form DR-OTC.
351.4.36 Cash transactions.
351.4.37 Record keeping.
351.4.38 Political attribution statement—contents.
351.4.39 Specific items exempted from or subject to attribution statement requirement; multiple pages.
351.4.40 Newspaper or magazine.
351.4.41 Apparent violations; remedial action.
351.4.42 Specific items exempted from or subject to attribution statement requirement.
351.4.43 Apparent violations; remedial actions.
351.4.44 Prohibited corporate activity.
351.4.45 Corporate-sponsored political committee.
351.4.46 Voter education.
351.4.47 Permitted activity—reimbursement required.
351.4.48 Sham newspapers subject to campaign laws.
351.4.49 Individual property.
351.4.50 Political corporations.
351.4.51 Candidate debate—media organization; debate structure; debate funding; contribution reporting inapplicable.
351.4.52 Corporate involvement with political committee funds.
351.4.53 Express advocacy; in-kind contributions; independent expenditures— definitions.
351.4.54 Committee dissolution; disposition of property; resolution of loans or debts.
351.4.55 Statement of dissolution; final report; final bank statement.
351.4.56 Disposition of property for dissolution of committee.
351.4.57 Assumption or settlement of debts and obligations.
351.4.58 Late-filed campaign disclosure reports.
351.4.59 Routine civil penalty assessment for late-filed disclosure reports.
351.4.60 Requests for waiver of penalties.
351.4.61 Contested case challenge.
351.4.62 Payment of penalty.