Iowa Administrative Code - 03/11/2009

Elder Affairs Department [321] | Agency Listing
Chapter 24 ADULT DAY SERVICES PROGRAMS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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321.24.1 Definitions.
321.24.2 Program certification.
321.24.3 Certification of a nonaccredited program.
321.24.4 Nonaccredited program application content.
321.24.5 Initial certification process for nonaccredited program.
321.24.6 Recertification of nonaccredited program.
321.24.7 Recertification process for nonaccredited program.
321.24.8 Notification of recertification.
321.24.9 Certification and recertification process for an accredited program.
321.24.10 Accredited program certification or recertification application content.
321.24.11 Initial certification process for accredited program.
321.24.12 Recertification for accredited program.
321.24.13 Duration of certification for all programs.
321.24.14 Recognized accrediting entity.
321.24.15 Requirements for accredited adult day services programs.
321.24.16 Maintenance of program accreditation.
321.24.17 Transfer of certification.
321.24.18 Structural and life safety reviews for a new program.
321.24.19 Structural and life safety reviews for existing programs.
321.24.20 Structural and life safety review prior to the remodeling of a building for certified programs.
321.24.21 Emergency response policies and procedures review.
321.24.22 Program alteration.
321.24.23 Cessation of program operation.
321.24.24 Contractual agreement.
321.24.25 Admission to and transfer from a program.
321.24.26 Waiver of admission and retention criteria.
321.24.27 Criteria for granting admission and retention waivers.
321.24.28 Participant documents.
321.24.29 Service plan.
321.24.30 Medications.
321.24.31 Nurse review.
321.24.32 Nursing assistant work credit.
321.24.33 Food service.
321.24.34 Staffing.
321.24.35 Dementia-specific education for personnel.
321.24.36 Another business or activity in an adult day services program.
321.24.37 Managed risk statement.
321.24.38 Life safety—emergency policies and procedures and structural safety requirements.
321.24.39 Transportation.
321.24.40 Activities.
321.24.41 Structural requirements.
321.24.42 Interpretive guidelines.