Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Educational Examiners Board [282] | Agency Listing
Chapter 18 ISSUANCE OF ADMINISTRATOR LICENSES AND ENDORSEMENTS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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282.18.1 All applicants desiring an Iowa administrator license.
282.18.2 Applicants from recognized Iowa institutions.
282.18.3 Applicants from recognized non-Iowa institutions.
282.18.4 General requirements for an administrator license.
282.18.5 Specific requirements for a professional administrator license.
282.18.6 Specific requirements for an administrator prepared out of state.
282.18.7 Specific requirements for a Class A extension license.
282.18.8 Specific requirements for a Class B license.
282.18.9 Area and grade levels of administrator endorsements.
282.18.10 Superintendent/AEA administrator.
282.18.11 Director of special education of an area education agency.
282.18.12 Specific requirements for a Class E emergency license.
282.18.13 Reserved
282.18.14 Endorsements.
282.18.15 Licenses—issue dates, corrections, duplicates, and fraud.