Iowa Administrative Code - 06/29/2022

Education Department [281] | Agency Listing
Chapter 14 SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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281.14.1 Medication administration.
281.14.2 Special health services.
281.14.3 School district and accredited nonpublic school stock epinephrine auto-injector voluntary supply.
281.14.4 Suicide prevention, identification of adverse childhood experiences, and strategies to mitigate toxic stress response.
281.14.5 Severability.
281.14.6 Purpose and objectives: comprehensive healthy and safe learning environments.
281.14.7 Definitions.
281.14.8 Classroom clears.
281.14.9 Required parent/guardian notifications and responses.
281.14.10 Documentation and reporting.
281.14.11 Crisis response.
281.14.12 Prevention of classroom behaviors that present an imminent threat.
281.14.13 Therapeutic classroom.
281.14.14 Therapeutic classroom—claims.
281.14.15 Required training.
281.14.16 Department responsibilities, evidence-based standards, guidelines and expectations.
281.14.17 Reserved
281.14.18 Reserved
281.14.19 Reserved
281.14.20 Purpose and objectives: contracted behavioral health screening and telehealth.
281.14.21 Definitions.
281.14.22 Behavioral health screenings in school settings.
281.14.23 Establishment of provider-patient relationship for telehealth in school setting.
281.14.24 Behavioral health services provided via telehealth in a school setting.