Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

Iowa Finance Authority [265] | Agency Listing
Chapter 22 IOWA AFTERCARE SERVICES RENT SUBSIDY PROGRAM | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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265.22.1 Purpose.
265.22.2 Definitions.
265.22.3 Eligibility requirements for direct rent subsidy.
265.22.4 Application for direct rent subsidy.
265.22.5 Amount of rent subsidy.
265.22.6 Redetermination of direct rent subsidy eligibility.
265.22.7 Termination of rent subsidy payments.
265.22.8 Eligibility requirements for transitional apartment subsidy.
265.22.9 Application for transitional apartment subsidy.
265.22.10 Amount of transitional apartment subsidy.
265.22.11 Redetermination of transitional apartment subsidy eligibility.
265.22.12 Termination of transitional apartment subsidy payments.
265.22.13 Fraudulent practices relating to the aftercare rent subsidy program.
265.22.14 Appeals.