Iowa Administrative Code - 08/10/2022

City Development Board [263] | Agency Listing
Chapter 7 VOLUNTARY ANNEXATION | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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263.7.1 When board approval required.
263.7.2 Contents of request.
263.7.3 Filing of request.
263.7.4 Staff review of filing.
263.7.5 Submission to the board by staff—notice.
263.7.6 Amendment of application.
263.7.7 Board proceedings on unanimous voluntary applications when no voluntary application or petition for involuntary annexation or incorporation of common territory is received within 30 days of the initial filing.
263.7.8 Board proceedings on voluntary annexation requests which include land area without the consent of the landowner(s).
263.7.9 Board proceedings on voluntary applications when one or more voluntary applications or involuntary petitions for annexation of common territory are received within 30 days of the initial filing.
263.7.10 Board proceedings on voluntary annexation applications containing common territory with a petition for involuntary annexation filed more than 30 days after the petition.
263.7.11 Costs.
263.7.12 Board proceedings on boundary adjustments between cities by petition and consent.