Iowa Administrative Code - 08/21/2013

Economic Development Authority [261] | Agency Listing
Chapter 23 IOWA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANT PROGRAM | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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261.23.1 Purpose.
261.23.2 Definitions.
261.23.3 Eligible applicants.
261.23.4 Allocation of funds.
261.23.5 Common requirements for funding.
261.23.6 Requirements for the competitive program.
261.23.7 Requirements for the economic development set-aside fund.
261.23.8 Requirements for the public facilities set-aside fund.
261.23.9 Requirements for the career link program.
261.23.10 Requirements for the contingency fund.
261.23.11 Requirements for the housing fund program.
261.23.12 Interim financing program.
261.23.13 Flood recovery fund.
261.23.14 Disaster recovery fund.
261.23.15 Administration of a CDBG award.
261.23.16 Requirements for the downtown revitalization fund.