Iowa Administrative Code - 06/29/2022

Historical Division [223] | Agency Listing
Chapter 3 PUBLIC RECORDS AND FAIR INFORMATION PRACTICES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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223.3.1 Definitions.
223.3.2 Statement of policy and scope.
223.3.3 Request for access to records.
223.3.4 Access to confidential records.
223.3.5 Requests for treatment of a record as a confidential record and its withholding from examination.
223.3.6 Procedure by which additions, dissents, or objections may be entered into certain records.
223.3.7 Consent to disclosure by the subject of a confidential record.
223.3.8 Notice to suppliers of information.
223.3.9 Availability of records.
223.3.10 Determination of rights of access to records.
223.3.11 Consensual disclosure of confidential records.
223.3.12 Release to the subject.
223.3.13 Reserved
223.3.14 Personally identifiable information.
223.3.15 Other records.
223.3.16 Data processing systems.